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Easy to manage and pocket friendly, not more not less, good enough for a happy family!! Buy an apartment and love everything in your home.


We understand buying a house is not easy, so let us search and find a perfect match for you. List the specifications, some might be needing what you are selling.


See if you can park your vehicle. List it out, you might not be selling because you are not listing.


Think of opening a Restaurant, A shopping mall or establish any business where people will queue. We are here to help you find, You are just a click away from finding a suitable property that fits your idea.

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The real life lottery

Mr.Pemba started with a humble beginning never letting down the desire of being reckoned among the millionaires of Nepal. The ambitious man saved 10 lakhs and seeking best help from his construction mates added 5 more to those lakhs and bought a 5 aana land in Gaurighat area. Today, a decade later, he owns a luxurious house in Bouddha and shares with us that the real life lottery is in real estate.

Giving life to a dream!

Mr. Deepak Thapa, a father of 3 and the youngest of sons, is a hard working, decent and responsible man who works in Qatar. Wandering around, he came in touch with us to live his dream of seeing his parents, wife and children live happily together in a beautiful house. We helped him find an affordable, well equipped house in Butuwal and paved his way towards his dreams. We pave ways, Seek us!

Flourishing the trust

Mrs. Sushmita Koirala, a social activist from Kathmandu chose us to sell her house at Anamnagar and to buy a luxurious one in Maharajgunj area. We served to her satisfaction and got re-assured that we will be the one she chooses if the real estate need triggers her again. She also recommended us to a number of people. We build trust-worthy relationships, Give us an opportunity to build one with you!