Spa For Sell at Kupandol, Lalitpur Rs. NA

Kupandol, Kupandol, Lalitpur-1, Lalitpur

  • Sale Price: NA
  • Monthly Sales: NA
  • Monthly Rent: NA
  • Monthly Profit: NA
  • Estimated Price Stock: NA
  • Lease Until: 2023/08/07
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Spa For Sell at Kupandol, Lalitpur

Area : 2.5 Storey HOuse is build on 1 Ropani area for the business which has 9 rooms and 4 bathrooms.

Spa Provides: Steam bath
Moroccan bath bhayeko
Parking: sufficient for car and bike
Note: The Reason for selling the property is the owner is shifting to a foreign country.

Owner Contact Number: 9851047878.

Additional Details

  • Location: Kupandol, Kupandol, Lalitpur-1, Lalitpur
  • Contact Number: 9851047878
  • No of Employees: NA
  • Owner Name: Owner
  • Posted on: 20 May 2024
  • No of Views : 254

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