The eProperty Nepal brand is the most established real estate online marketplace that allows easy search, investigation of trends, buying, selling, or renting properties to potential customers throughout Nepal.
Founded by young entrepreneurs in 2016 and later officially launched in 2017, eProperty Nepal changed the way people bought and sold properties across Nepal, ultimately becoming one of the most trusted real estate brands in Nepal.
eProperty Nepal serves buying, selling, renting, financing, managing, and more. eProperty Nepal operates through its website, mobile app, with all major social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc).
eProperty Nepal is an online forum where buyers, sellers, and brokers can exchange information about real estate properties. At eProperty you can advertise a property, search for a property, browse through different properties, and keep yourself updated with the latest news and trends of the real estate sector.

Why ePropertyNepal .com?

  1. 0% commission: The charge you pay for the advertisement of your property or business is totally commission-free. No extra charges after the property has sold out.
  2. 3 lakh Plus monthly online visits: With daily visitors count of 10 thousand to 15 thousand, we are now being viewed by at least 3 lakhs plus users every month.
  3. 7.4 lakh Plus followers on Facebook: As your property will be further posted on Facebook, 7.4 lakh plus users interested in real estate provides you better confidence for selling your property through us.
  4. Instant Contact: Buyers can directly contact you with the contact number and email you provided for the deal.
  5. Dynamic Search: We provide multiple options for both buying and renting properties or businesses.
  6. Unlimited Availability: One of our special features is the advertisement period lasts until the property is successfully sold out.
  7. Banner ADs: We also provide banner ads to other companies for better visibility and branding in the market.