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Is Your Neighborhood More Important Than Your Property ?

As a property buyer, you should think twice or thrice before making any conclusion to invest in any valuable assets. The decision can affect the present as well as future outcomes. Finding a perfect place to call home means to find ideal neighbors, streets, and lifestyle. One of the crucial areas to consider is your neighborhood amenities. The neighborhood in your house can have a negative or positive impact on the environment to build wealth. Human beings have an innate tendency to act and be like those around them. For example, if we live in a pricey home and neighborhood, then such an environment can have an impact on our behavior and attitude. In this regard, choosing a good neighbor can have a positive impact on our activities as well.

Nothing in the world is perfect, but you can consider certain qualities and criteria when choosing your surroundings. In fact, we rely on a neighbor because they give us a sense of belongings. We can make a warm relationship with friendly and kind-hearted neighbors. There is a quote in Nepali about neighbors, "जिउदाको जन्ती मर्दाको मलामी". It means a friend in need is the friend indeed. In some cases, the neighborhood can be more important than the property.

Different neighbors have different characteristics. People can grow the initial investment in a neighborhood possessing a fast-paced lifestyle. Depending upon that, we connect with neighbors differently once we settle in the new property place. Also, such a place is our prime location to spend most of our time. As a result, the neighborhood influences our day to day activities playing crucial roles in our life. We want to select an area where we feel comfortable around our neighbors. However, things would be better for us if we succeed to choose the best property along with a good location. It also helps to create good property value in the future.

Most people have a luxury house, but they fail to choose a wholesome neighborhood. The neighborhood we live in reflects the quality of our lives just like the morning shows the day. So, it's always better to spend some time when you are making any decision to invest in the property. Such a small step could be your next influential investment.

Neighborhood or property, which one do you think is more important? DISCOVER a place you will love to live.

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Published on 12, April 2018

If you are first buyer, remember these Five tips

Buying property for the first time is challenging as it needs lots of research and extra effort to choose what's best for you. It is a lifetime investment, so you have to be careful while taking a decision. You can choose the right property with the following best five tips:

1. Research on loan prerequisites and other things:

Your uppermost list includes buying the property of your choices, but sometimes an event occur where your price limit or any other circumstances will bring a negative impact on your investment journey. Drive away your worry, and search for the home loan or seek any investment instead. Find the one that gives you extra money.


2. The clarity in the choices:

It's essential for you to be clear on the property you want to buy. You should know what property you are buying and spread the news to your circle or nay real estate agents you know about it. They shall give you a bigger picture so that you can have good ideas about it.


3. Inspect many different properties:

It's beneficial to invest some time to see the property as much as you can. Know the property trend through various tools and medium to look after it. Also, make sure to meet agents so that they can show you the best guidelines to look for the property of your choice.


4. Be stick with your saving:

You must be very careful on this subject matter, you should look into yourself and your saving, which is the key tactics to help you buy a new property. Also, be consistent with your money management to purchase the property of your preference. Always be clear on the saving matter before you deal with any property. Saving will not only help you to buy the property, but it will also support you even after you have bought it.


5. Don't rush up:

Buying the property of your choice is the next consequential investment for your lifetime. So, always be clear and work towards your goal. So always be clear and work towards your goal. You won't be in so much hurry to buy the property at first sight. Moreover, do some work, research, apply different methods and be clear on it before you buy any property. Remember to take some time. Nothing is too late to do. Do adequate research, meet agents, and make the best deal for prosperous family and your future. 


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Published on 10, April 2018

Are you thinking to downsize and choose the best property for you?

There comes a time, people at a certain age start to weigh up, and it's the same for the house. The reasons may be different for each of them. For instance, the house may be too big for one or two people, but probably, your children have relocated or moved out, and you presently don't have the same requirement for rooms and spaces as before. It is ideal to buy a small house for people to enjoy long and happy retirement life.  As a result, downsizing is the best options left for people. However, it is a big decision to take. The question is, how do you choose the best property for you?

Downsizing has many benefits if you choose the right property for your needs. So consider some of the tips below:

1. Stick with single-level

If you are a senior downsizing, ground level homes are ideal for you. When people get older, they can avoid walking up and down.

2. Small enough to maintain and big enough to entertain

Just don't go for downsizing randomly. Think about your requirement first. People can go for the large entertaining areas, and room if you plan friends gathering or any social occasions time and again. So ideally speaking, people would love to have a three-bedroom home in a much more compact block. Excellent, if you choose the kitchen of their choice and the dining that is equally important for you. It is simple to maintain small backyard.

3. Downing your garaging

The double garage is a necessity for the majority of downsizing couples. Therefore, most downsizers strive for larger garage spaces realizing its importance. A garage provides additional storage spaces to park your cars and other things. It is also beneficial when seen from security prospects.

4. Adequate internal spaces

 Just because you are downsizing home does not mean that you need to forget a large number of your possessions. The former house amenities are equally important. So, if you are smart and lucky with your property selection, you will find a home that will accommodate most of your former house's contents. It is critical to understand whether your current furniture fit into the standard of the property. After all, you don't want to throw your main pieces of furniture.

5. Familiar location

Unless and until downsizers are looking for a dramatic change in their lifestyle, it is suitable to choose a well-known neighbourhood for downsizing. Most people have spent their entire life there, so they don't want to go too far from where they are. It also makes sense from a financial perspective. Familiarity with the location helps people to catch up with a straightforward transaction to end up with some money in their pocket.

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Published on 09, April 2018

Important tips to make your Bathroom shine and clean

Cleanliness of your bathroom represents the nobility of your house in Kathmandu. In most cases, bathroom exists inside of the house with frequent use every day. It is a daunting task to clean a naturally humid bathroom. However, cleaning the bathroom is not as difficult as you think.

Wondering how to clean and shine the bathroom and its entities without any difficulty?  All you need is strategies, cleaning materials, and some helpful tips.

TOP TIPS: Avoid using a scrubbing brush in Enamel bathtubs, as it can scratch or damage easily. Instead, you can use a sponge or cloth to tackle dirt and stains.

1. Cleaning the washbasin

Among all, it is easy to clean the washbasin with just a few specific materials such as a couple of microfibre cloths and vinegar.

First of all, remove any objects in or around the basin area. Second, fill the sink with hot water to remove the dust. Then, use specific cleaning agents like vinegar to remove limescale. Apply baking soda to remove any odors. Rinse out the basin. Finally, use a microfibre cloth to wipe it down.

2. Cleaning the Toilet

Equip yourself with a toilet brush, rubber gloves, liquid or powder based toilet cleaner, sponge, disinfectant spray to clean toilet.

First, put on the gloves and flush the toilet. Second, apply a toilet cleaner to the edges of the bowl. For tough stains, leave the toilet cleaner for a few minutes. Then scrub the whole bowl using a toilet brush. Until and unless you are satisfied with the condition, repeat the steps two or more than two times. Then clean the toilet using disinfectant spray and sponge.

Remember, not to mix acidic toilet cleaners with bleach-based sprays. Finally, use a clean cloth to wipe the whole surface down.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Follow the instructions on the label of any product

3. Cleaning the Shower, Bath, and Tiles

You can use pretty much the same process to clean shower and bath. We will also introduce an incredible way to clean tiles. You can use natural acidic agents like vinegar and lemon juice to clean the shower floor and bath floor. However, these are not suitable for tiles. (Remember it strictly)

Wait, before starting the cleaning, it is satisfying to remove all products from shower and bath. Start with scrubbing the floor using vinegar or another cleaner. Scrub until you are satisfied. Then, rinse the surface. Baking soda and vinegar is a treasure to unblock the drain if you have any in your bathroom. Don't use a cleaner or anything too acidic. You don't want expensive repairs later on.

For the best results, it's crucial to clean the bathroom regularly. Remember, cleanliness of your bathroom represents the nobility of your house in Kathmandu.

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Published on 08, April 2018

Are You Thinking on selling your property?

A new job, new spouse, upgrading your home or reducing your space and so forth –– regardless of these reasons, you probably have a lot of questions on your mind when you are thinking about selling your house. When is the best time to sell the house in Kathmandu? The timing could be just right for you. How some homes sell quickly?


It’s always a big pressure that results in big mistakes. One of such mistakes is that the seller puts their property for higher prices.

Yes, you can lower the price anytime, but it is a risk to sit on the market for too long. Also, you will miss out on buyers if the price is too high. The first impression of the property should be the best impression.

There are so many guides that allow you to give more information, tips on selling your property. Which is relevant is hard to tell. But, where there is will, there is always a way.

Try our top tips:


Start by investing in fresh paint. Even better with right and professional looking color, it can add value to your property even more.


Little things count even more. Broken screens, gutters, toilet seats -- fix it all up.


Now, you are ready to provide details to the agent. Remember to choose the best agent to sell your property much faster without much hassle. The agent focus on the excellent feature when you provide the details and your property will get the best market value.


Nowadays, online marketing is the easiest way to approach your property. It is very advantageous to do such advertisement when you go digitally. Digital presence helps you to get stronger penetration and reach of your property. It helps you to identify potential buyers.


It's more important to ensure that your property looks better and attractive than others. It must be well-managed. You can think of your unique style while presenting the property. The photograph is usually the first impression a potential buyer will have of your house. It can influence their decision to watch an interactive tour or visit in person. So, it's always better to take a good photographer.

With these tips, sell your property much quicker without much burden. Find the best real estate that allows easy search, investigation of trends, buying, selling or renting properties.

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Published on 06, April 2018

6 New Tips for Your New Building Home

Are you thinking or planning to build a new home in Kathmandu? However, you are confused about how to get started or whom to talk. Then, here are the six best tips you can look to build a new home.

1. Hire a Real Estate Agent: This is the first and most important tip. They provide you benefits throughout the building process in the number of ways. For instance, you can get the best deals on upgrades and customization through the real estate agent.

2. Select highly reputable builder: Quality is better than quantity. So, spend your money on quality fitting. Do some research works and find the builder that has a proven track record of having satisfied customers and has excellent references. Do they have reviews on their websites, Facebook pages or anything else? Successful homebuilders have professionals like interior designers to guide you to make decisions throughout the building process. For example, they can help you to make sure that your doorways have shelter from the rain.

3. Home plan for today's lifestyle: Select an updated floor plan for your new house to avoid the smaller kitchen, formal living rooms and wasted space. It's best to design home plans as per your requirement for outdoor living space and backyard. Likewise, think about creative installation, where you can install your goods according to your preference.

4. Negotiate with Builders: Don't miss a chance to negotiate with builders on certain upgrades and custom additions. You can take help of the agent for this.

5. Consider resale potentiality: Until and unless you are planning to live in your new house forever, think about the resale potentiality when building it. Add flexibility in your layout to add a better return of investment. The most crucial factors are curb appeal, quality updated finishes, and well-maintained homes. For example, manage the cable and other electricity cables in all the way around for future renovation. Light is also the next big interior pieces you can manage the most.

6. Location: Certainly, another important factor is the location, as it determines the resale potentiality of the home. The resale potentiality also depends upon growth possibility in the future, facilities and other things. 

You must be very careful about things regards. One of the significant investment is to build a home. So, always think, refine, rework and rethink.

The more upfront design stage, the fewer changes you'll want to make during construction and the more satisfied you'll be with the outcomes.

The more precise you do the work, the more attractive and durable home you will get it. So, always be careful before you invest in such things. Think about how you want to live in your beautiful home and build it as per your requirement.

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Published on 03, April 2018

Do you know wide open spaces can create prosperous family lifestyle?

Wide open spaces include the land or water bodies that are open to the sky. Modernization and industrialization have prevented us from enjoying the natural views. Therefore, nowadays, builder designs open spaces in the house to enhance aesthetic appeal. It helps to provide both active and passive recreational opportunities to the residents.

For example, high tech, home theatres, garage, killer views, indoor-outdoor living, landscaped gardens, and privacy are the luxury amenities for the prosperous family. There are numerous benefits to having wide spaces. Open spaces are required to protect health and well-being, improve the safety and general welfare of people, enhance property values, improve quality of life, enhance aesthetic quality, and preserve natural surroundings.

A premium location with ample spaces around you always brings natural social behaviors and tendencies. It will also help to bring positive vibes on you inspiring more collaborative and interactive work. It also supports human health and recreation.

ADVANTAGE of Open Wide Space

The advantage of open wide space leads to a prosperous family lifestyle in the following ways:

1. Quality of life: The eagerness to live in dust and pollution free environment makes people choose home with more open spaces. It is worth the price as it improves the living standards of the people.

2. ROI (Return on Investment): Homes with luxury amenities have more value than standalone buildings without any open space.

3. Open space supports sports and other recreational activities: Every family members have the privilege to use open space as per their necessities. For instance, children to play outdoors and parents to take a stroll in the garden.

4. Bonding among residents: The open spaces are not only beautiful but also provides a safe and secure environment for residents. It reduces the chances of health issues and encourages people to do physical activity. The open spaces in the house and communities have a direct influence on people to lead an active life. Open space with well-managed gardens promotes social interaction among people of all ages. So, organize, celebrate festivals and take part in different programs. 

5. Active lifestyle: Open space directly supports an active lifestyle, directly ensuring the health and well-being of people.

6. Quality air: Open space are refreshing to breathe as it reduces pollution. The environment with green spaces is always soothing and relaxing.

7. Preserves natural environment: The green space also gives protection to the natural environment. Also, it reduces the maximum chances of a natural disaster like soil erosion.

8. Safe for children: Open space helps the overall development of the child. Either it is physical development, emotional or social development.

Moreover, wide spaces heighten property values and enhance livability. It is refreshing to have open spaces for leisure activities, organized sports, and cultural endeavors. Green and open spaces positively impact on physical and mental health. It is also beneficial to release stress and strain of modern life.

In conclusion, cultivate healthy and prosperous family lives.

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Published on 02, April 2018

5 Interior Designer Tips you should Follow

Many of us have a dream of decorating home with beautiful interior and exterior customization. In the initial period, we used to talk with many interior designers, practice lots of guidelines and make an extra effort to beautify the home. However, our expectation met rarely, and we rest thinking that interior designing is not our cup of tea. 

Even for the most qualified experts, designing is not an easy process. From materials to architecture, everything matters when it comes to interior designing. Designers should reflect the owner's character through the clever use of spaces and perfect timeless design. Balancing traditional and modern realm is also crucial. Above all, the interior designer should dictate a story through design. 

Here are some tips you need to know and follow: 

1. Reflecting the story of the owner:

Good interior reflects the story of the owners. So, get the story right from the start to create an interior that is both timeless and meets the needs of the client. It's weird but dive into the client's hopes, dreams, and aspirations to come up with ingenious ideas.  

2. Customization:

Perfection requires lots of effort and determination. So, always try to get rid of the unnecessary clutter and consider the smart hiding places. It helps to customize your things very perfectly. 

3. Creating an Art:

Art is one of the fundamental reflection that you should care about while designing your interior. If you are afraid to commit a bold color, then art could be the best working to infuse. If you are thinking of putting a group of artwork, always use the space of 15cm apart to avoid chipping other frames. 

4. On decoration:

The decoration is also one of the essential traits of interior designing. Bring out your creativity, use the optimum spaces and apply exceptional features. There may be a conflict between modern and traditional flavor when designing. At this point, remember classic proportion never goes out of style, and innovative touch is invariably fresh. 

5. On updating:

It is critical to update the interior design to keep up the different looks of homes and make it younger as well. It always gives you a unique design. 

6. On Lightning:

If you are planning for lightning, you should have the purpose of understanding for each room. For example, you should install well-functioning light features in the kitchen area. Similarly, you can focus on light intensities for bedroom. 

Don't make the worst mistake to imitate others. Interior design is a personal process to make the work timeless. You can achieve a timeless interior with a unique storyline. Never go out of style by keeping the design authentic. Overall, achieving the perfect ambiance of interior designing.

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Published on 20, February 2018

How to Make a Spoon Lamp

We know that our world is not perfect, but we desire perfection in life. Even though harmful, we use all inventions readily. Lamps are a great addition to any room in the house but come at a cost that not all of us can afford. However, there are many ways of making a lamp by using a few cheap materials lying around the house. Nowadays, there is a growing trend to make eco-friendly products. 

How about making a lamp using plastic spoons, water bottles, and glue. Plastic spoons -- whatever you say, they are an unnecessary waste for us and the earth once we use it. However, thanks to the internet, education and awareness program that even a child knows a 3R concept which means Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. People show real interest to upcycle plastic items realizing the importance of reusing old stuff again and again. Hence, we would like to offer you some help to make your house in Kathmandu free of plastic waste. 

Convert the plastic waste like cutlery, bottles, caps, etc. into some creative project. 

The designer of "Spoon Lamp" is Yaroslav Olenev. The Spoon Lamp made from plastic spoons and bottle helped him to win the "Ecology and Design" nomination of the "Future Now" magazine in 2010. He knows how to reuse things and turn them into marvelous, everyday objects. Follow the steps below to make an astonishing lamp in no time! 

1. First, prepare all the required tools and supplies to make a plastic spoon lamp. Apart from spoons and bottles, the necessary tools are:

  • Glue
  • Knife
  • Pliers, and 
  • Cable

2. Second, use a sharp knife to cut out the big hole in the bottom of a plastic bottle. 

3. Prepare the hot glue gun first of all. Then, cut the handles of all your plastic spoons. As shown in the picture, glue the spoons to the bottle. 

4. Until and unless the spoons cover the entire bottle, continue to glue the spoon.  

5. After that, make a collar for the bottleneck to cover it. You can do as shown in the picture, glue a couple of spoons together, then stick it to the bottle. 

6. Then, place the cable inside the bottle, install a lightbulb, and hang the Plastic Spoon Lamp in the area of your preference. 

7. It looks gorgeous in the dark and modern during the day. 

Leave your friends wondering how you managed to buy such an elegant lamp.

Published on 05, September 2017

What You Can Do When a Seller Rejects Your Offer

It is hard to find a perfect house that meets all of your requirements. But, after months of hunting, you finally got it. Unfortunately, the moment you offer the price, the deal went south. Then, you question yourself what went wrong and beat yourself up thinking about the reason for missing the perfect house that could have been yours. Catch a look at the tips below to tackle the similar kind of situations. 

1. Research the Neighbourhood: What is the price of an average house in the selected location? Do adequate research to know the demand and trend of the particular neighbourhood where you are thinking to buy the house. There are numbers of the reason the seller rejects the offer. Your offer to the house may not be pleasing to the seller. And as a result, he/she got turned off by your offer. Walk in the neighborhood to ask local people about the situation. Also, consider using up-to-date technologies and advancement.

2. Give Your Best Offer: Starting with a low offer hoping to get in a negotiating conversation rarely works. Not all people are fond of having to waste their time haggling or negotiating the price of their house with a stranger. The best you can do is be upfront with what you can offer so that you know when to walk away from the deal.

3. Stop Over-Analyzing: The seller has nothing personal against you. Over analyzing the situation is something we do unnecessarily. It will only give you an unwanted headache. So, skip your habit of doubting. Maybe the seller changed his/her mind and is uncomfortable letting the buyers know about it. Just like the saying goes, "there is plenty of fish in the sea", there are also millions of possibilities that cause this situation, and you are one of the casualty factors within the middle.

4. Keep on looking: The best house that you wanted is no longer to your reach. We deal with rejection as a part of life, don't we? But what about the resources you have with you? Learn to utilize it properly. You might not end up with a similar house you wanted. However, you will save your resources somewhere else, maybe something even better. Remember, the right time and the right decision is the formula for success.

Share your house-shopping experience in Kathmandu or any other places in the comments below!

Published on 23, August 2017

Houses Under Rs. 1.75 Crores Listed on Shrawan, 2073

Today, 32nd of Shrawan marks the end of this month in 2073. We decided to make a list of all the houses listed on the month of Shrawan under the price of Rs. 1.75 crores. To read more details about any of the houses listed below, follow the link provided in the description.

1. House on Sale in Narayantar, Jorpati, Kathmandu (RS. 1,30,00,000) - 4 aanas

This house is located at Narayantar, Jorpati, Kathmandu. It is only 1 kilometer from Narayantar’s Apanga Hospital and 2 kilometers from Nepal Medical College.
For more details, click here.

2. House for Sale at Saat Tale, Kapan, Kathmandu  (Rs. 1,50,00,000) - 2.75 aana

A beautiful house with modern design located at Saat Tale, Kapan. It is located 100 meters from Saat Tale Chowk, on the way to Milanchowk.
For more details, click here.

3. House on Sale at Kadaghari, Kathmandu  (Rs. 1,57,00,000) - 3.85 aana

A newly built house located at Kadaghari is for urgent sale. It is only 70 meters east from Forcepark buspark.
For more details, click here.

4. House on Sale at Dhapa Height, Dhapakhel, Lalitpur For Sale (Rs. 1,65,00,000) - 4.0 aana

A beautiful and modern design house is for sale at a prime and peaceful location of Dhapa Height, Dhapakhel, Lalitpur. It is only 800 meters from Sumeru Hospital and GEMS School.
For more details, click here.

5.  House For Sale at Hattiban, Lalitpur (Rs. 1,75,00,000) - 4.0 aana

This newly built house is located at Hattiban, near Classic Tower. It is only 1 kilometers from Satdobato chowk and 500 meters from Sumeru Hospital,GEMS School,and Little Angels.
For more details, click here.

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Published on 16, August 2017

घरको बिरुवालाइ झरीबाट जोगाउने उपायहरु:

मनसुन मौसमको कारणले  गर्दा हाम्रो दैनिक कामहरुलाइ असर गर्न साथै हाम्रो घरमा रोपिएको बोट-बिरुवाहरुलाइ पनि हानि पुराई रहेको छ। यस्तो समस्याबाट आफ्नो घरको बिरुवाहरुलाइ जोगाउन तल देखाईएको उदाहरण आफैले अपनाई रुखो झरीबाट बचाउनुहोस्: 

१. फर्सी जस्ता बिरुवा 


२. गमलामा रोपिएको साना फुल



३. अन्य बिरुवाहरु 



 ४. कलिला बिरुवाहरु 

यी टिप्सहरु शेयर गर्न नभुल्नु होला!

Published on 14, August 2017