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Is Your Neighborhood More Important Than Your Property ?

Every property buyers should think once before they make any decision to invest their valuable incomes. The decision can affect the present as well as future outcomes. In this regard, choosing a neighbor wisely can have a positive or negative impact on our environment. There should be a friendly, kind-hearted and warm relationship between neighbors because they give us a sense of belonging. In some cases, the neighborhood can be more important than our property. If a neighborhood exists in a fast-paced environment, which is booming, then it can really help to grow our initial investment.

We are differently connected with each other after we settle in the new property place. There are major prime location and size where we spend most of our time. So, the neighborhood can play an important role in our everyday activities. If we are able to choose the best property along with good brotherhood, it could be a better place for us and as well as in the future that creates a good property value. 

Most people want a luxury house, but they fail to choose a healthy neighborhood. Like the morning shows the day, the qualities of our lives are reflected in a place where we live in. So, it’s always better to spend some time when you are making any decision to invest in the property. This small step could be your next big investment forever.

Published on 12, April 2018

If you are first buyer, remember Five tips

Buying property for the first time is challenging task, needs lot of research and extra time to choose best property for you. It’s lifetime investment so be very careful on this. Here’s are best five tips that really helps you to choose best and fit property for you:

1. Research on how much you can actually borrow money:

Buying property of your choices is always on the topmost list but sometimes you feel some problem where your price limit or any circumstances will occur in the investment journey. But don’t worry, search for the home loan or any seek any investment where you can easily get some extra loan on it.

2. Be clear on you and your property:

It’s very important that you must be very clear on the property that you wanted to buy. You should know what property you are buying and spread the news to your circle or any real estate agents you know about it. They give you a bigger picture so that you can have good ideas about it.

3. Inspect as much as property you can:

It’s sound wired but you should invest some time to see the property as much as you can, use different tools, medium to know the property trend on it and look on it. Go and meet some agents so that they can show you the best guidelines to look after the property of your choice.

4. Be stick with your saving:

You must be very careful on this subject matter, you should look into yourself and your saving, which is very key strategic and its consistency key to manage your money to the best property of your choice. So be always clear on the saving matter before you deal with any property.

5. Remember You don’t need to hurry:

Buying the property of your choice is the next big investment for your lifetime. So always be clear and work properly on this. You won't be in so much hurry to buy the property at first sight. Do some work, research, apply different methods and be clear on it before you buy any property. Take some time, nothing is late, do much research, meet agents and only make the best deal for your future and family.


Published on 10, April 2018

Are you thinking to downsize and choose the best property for you?

It’s sound wired when you plan to downsize your property. But you as a downsizer, it helps you to choose the best property for you!

Here are some major tips that help to downsize your property:

1.Small enough to maintain and big enough to entertain:

If you plan or think of friends gathering or any social occasions effetely, then don’t just go for downsizing, go for the large entertaining areas, and room for the family for your grandparents or grandchildren to sleep.

Where they want the kitchen of their choice and the dinning that equally important for you. When these people even think of downsizing, they’ll still choose to look for a three-bedroom home but much more the comfortable one. So, no big backyard or anything like that very easy to maintain.

2.Downing your garaging:

A garage is very important for a couple of reason, firstly you will have very plenty of spaces to park your cars and then secondly, it can be used to provide additional storage spaces. The double garage is certainly a necessity for a lot of people. They provide the storage and driving the downsizing.

3. Adequate internal spaces:

When you are thinking to downsize home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re prepared to part with a large number of your goods. The next important to fit into the standard of property that they’re going to be moving into. A lot of them will try and keep the heirlooms and furniture that look substantially so, it enough to maintain the property.

4.Familiar location:

It’s great to choose the location that downsizer is looking for a change a lifestyle switch, the majority of downsizers are looking for a home somewhere close by to their current location. Most the people have spent their entire life there, so they don’t want to go too far from where they are. From the financial point of view that also makes a lot of sense, because if they’re downsizing home in the suburb or area that they’re currently living in, it’s going to be good straightforward transaction and they’re going to going to end up.

Published on 09, April 2018

Important tips to make your Bathroom shine and clean

Bathroom are naturally humid place. You use maximum time of your bathroom everyday, so you must be very concern on this. Your bathroom must me very clean and it makes really impact on this.

Here’s are the four major tips for cleaning and making your bathroom clean:

1. Clean the bathroom tiles with water:

The best way to clean your bathroom with plain warm water, a stiff bristled brush and little bit of elbow grease. If you have steam cleaner at hard, try steaming the grout with a pointed nozzle to further help to loosen up grime before the next few steps.

2.Clean your bathroom with baking soda:

It’s sound wired, but the natural solution to avoid filling your home with the strong fumes of chemicals. Just mix two tablespoon of baking soda with water with thick paste and scrub into the grout with bristled brush. Once all the grout been covered and mix with white vinegar and water. And repeat the process second time and apply on it.

3. Clean your bathroom with lemon:

Now you can also clean your bathroom with lemon too, just mis together with one fourth cup of borax, one two teaspoon lemon oil and enough liquid soap to form a bathroom ties cleaner paste. You can also old toothbrush, scrub this paste into the grout with circular motions before rinsing with warm water.

4. Cleaning bathroom tiles with bleach:

You must be very clear on this matter; your bathroom is well ventilated, and the bleach will only be use on white grouting. Then, dilute bleach with water and spray across the grout. Using an old toothbrush scrub in between the tiles and rinse when finished.

So, they are the major aspects you should be very clear on this. That helps to make your bathroom clean and attractive.

Published on 08, April 2018

Are You Thinking on selling your property?

There are so many guides that allow you to give more information, tips on selling your property. Some might not be very much relevant when you are thinking of selling your property. So, here’s are major three tips that really help you to sell your property very soon:

Selling your home isn’t quite simple as sticking up for sale so think on the following tips and guidelines:

  1. Choosing the best agent:

                                  Always remember, when you choose the best agent it helps you to sell your property much faster without much hassle free. The agent focusses on the fine point when you provided the details and your property will get the best market value.


  1. Online Marketing:

                                    Nowadays, the easiest way to approach your property through online marketing. It’s very advantageous to do such advertise when you go digitally. Digital presence helps you to get the stronger penetration and reach of your property. It helps you to identify the potential buyers.


  1. Presenting your Property:

                                         It’s more important to make sure your property looks better than other, it must be well managed and attractive. You can think of your own style of presenting your property. Always take a good photographer, the photograph is usually the first impression a potential buyer will have of your house, and it can influence their decision to watch an interactive tour or visit in person.


This tips really help you to sell your property much quicker without much any burden. So, feel very easy and smooth way to sell your property.

Published on 06, April 2018

6 New Tips for Your New Building Home

Are you thinking or planning to build a new home? Then here’s are the six best tips you can look it:

  1. Always make sure your doorways have shelter from rain
  2. Think about sunlight, so that you can design accordingly
  3. Think on smart installation, where you can install your goods according to your wish
  4. Spend your money on quality fitting wherever you can
  5. Manage the cable and other electricity cable in all the way round for future renovation
  6. Light is the next best things where you can manage the most interior things and light up your home with attractive things

You must be very careful on things regards. Building home is next big investment so always think, refine, rework and rethink. The more upfront design stage, the fewer changes you’ll want to make during construction and the more satisfied you’ll be with the outcome.

The more precise you do the work, the more attractive and durable home you will get it. So, always be careful before you invest on such things. The more time you give yourself and your work you will always see the beautiful and attractive house. Think about how you want to live in your beautiful home and build it as per your requirement.


Published on 03, April 2018

Do you know wide open spaces can create prosperous family lifestyle?

A premium location with ample spaces around you always bring grand proportion in life.

Location with some couple of minutes distance to your house or property will always help to bring positive vibes one you.

The more natural magnificent and adequate spaces demand something specials from any house you built on it.

House with classic style, let’s say two-Storey faced impressed helps to build huge amount of interior design along with surrounded gardens and natural beauty.

When you produce this idea, you will have an opportunity to interact with all the family members just sit with calm.

You must remember, the two work spaces off the entrance hall on the ground floor and next the plantation shutter, where you can plant your favorite plants and flowers.

The larger house has much more opportunity to maintain the larger crowds when every family relatives come together.

The main open kitchen meals and dinning can be share very efficiently.

There are much further living areas on the ground floor where you can utilize the television viewing, rumpus room idea and formal loungeroom fully utilize.

You can also utilize your entrance hall where you can decorate the walk-in wardrobe.

Across the hall, you can lead through into a double garage which is complemented by double carport and high clearance shed.

Published on 02, April 2018

5 Interior Designer Tips you should Follow

Many of us has a dream to decorating home with beautiful interior and exterior customization. In the initial period we talked over with many Interior designer, we practice lots of guidelines and do extra effort to give the beautiful try. But couldn’t expect to get as our choices, many of us are not our cup of tea. Cleaver use of spaces and design imbued the personality of house owner. So, here are some more tips you need to know and follow:

1. On Customization:

When we talked about making perfect look, there’s need lots of effort to give good look. So always try to get rid from the unnecessary clutter and consider the cleaver hiding places. This helps to customize your things very perfectly.


2. On Art:

Art is the very essential reflection that you should care about while designing your interior. If you are afraid to commit a bold color, then art could be best trying to infuse. If you are thinking of putting grouping art work always use the space of 15 cm apart to avoid chipping other frames.


3.On decorating:

Decorating is the most important aspect of any interior, so always utilize the optimum spaces and apply the very interesting features like texting effect, playing effects and so on.


4.On updating:

To keep yourself with different looks and making the home younger you should always update your interior. This always gives you best design.


5.On Lightening:

If you are planning for lightening you should have the purpose of understanding for each room. Such as for kitchen it needs to be well lit. Same way, for Bedroom you should focus on very light intensities. That gives the perfect ambience of your interior


Published on 20, February 2018

How to Make a Spoon Lamp

Lamps are a great addition to any room in the house but come at a cost that not all of us can afford. However, there a many ways of making your own lamp by using a few cheap materials lying around in your house. This one utilizes plastic spoons, water bottles and glue. Follow these steps and you'll have a wonderful lamp in no time!

And that's all there is to it! Cut off the handle of plastic spoons, stick them together with the help of glue and cover a big water bottle in the process. Leave your friends wondering how you managed to buy such an exquisite lamp.

Published on 05, September 2017

What You Can Do When a Seller Rejects Your Offer

After months of hunting for a house, you finally come across the perfect one that meets all of your requirements but unfortunately the deal went south the moment you offered your price. You’re left wondering what went wrong and beat yourself up thinking about how you missed the perfect house that could have been yours. If you’ve ever been in such situations, take a look at these tips:

1. Research the Neighbourhood

What is the prevailing price of an average house in this location? Maybe your offer wasn’t in par with what the seller had in mind and he/she instantly got turned off by what you were offering. An easy way of doing this is by looking up online or simply taking a walk around the neighbourhood asking questions with the local people.

2. Give Your Best Offer

Maybe you started with a rather low offer hoping to get in a negotiating conversation. Not all people are fond of having to waste their time haggling and negotiating the price of their house with a stranger. The best you can do is be upfront with what you can offer so that you know when to walk away from the deal.

3. Stop Over-Analyzing

The seller has nothing personal against you and you shouldn’t either. Trying to over analyse the situation will only disturb you more than a simple deal should. Maybe the seller changed his/her mind and is uncomfortable letting the buyers know about it. There are a million possibilities that caused this situation and you are only a factor that’s somewhere in the middle. As the saying goes, ‘there’s plenty of fish in the sea.’

4. Keep Looking

The best house that you wanted is no longer in your reach. Dealing with rejections is a part of life and you must learn how to best utilize the resources that you have. You might not end up with a similar house but you can proudly invest in another option knowing that it was the only best purchase that you could do at that particular point in time.

Share your house-shopping experience in the comments below!

Published on 23, August 2017

Houses Under Rs. 1.75 Crores Listed on Shrawan, 2073

Today, 32nd of Shrawan marks the end of this month in 2073. We decided to make a list of all the houses listed on the month of Shrawan under the price of Rs. 1.75 crores. To read more details about any of the houses listed below, follow the link provided in the description.

1. House on Sale in Narayantar, Jorpati, Kathmandu (RS. 1,30,00,000) - 4 aanas

This house is located at Narayantar, Jorpati, Kathmandu. It is only 1 kilometer from Narayantar’s Apanga Hospital and 2 kilometers from Nepal Medical College.
For more details, click here.

2. House for Sale at Saat Tale, Kapan, Kathmandu  (Rs. 1,50,00,000) - 2.75 aana

A beautiful house with modern design located at Saat Tale, Kapan. It is located 100 meters from Saat Tale Chowk, on the way to Milanchowk.
For more details, click here.

3. House on Sale at Kadaghari, Kathmandu  (Rs. 1,57,00,000) - 3.85 aana

A newly built house located at Kadaghari is for urgent sale. It is only 70 meters east from Forcepark buspark.
For more details, click here.

4. House on Sale at Dhapa Height, Dhapakhel, Lalitpur For Sale (Rs. 1,65,00,000) - 4.0 aana

A beautiful and modern design house is for sale at a prime and peaceful location of Dhapa Height, Dhapakhel, Lalitpur. It is only 800 meters from Sumeru Hospital and GEMS School.
For more details, click here.

5.  House For Sale at Hattiban, Lalitpur (Rs. 1,75,00,000) - 4.0 aana

This newly built house is located at Hattiban, near Classic Tower. It is only 1 kilometers from Satdobato chowk and 500 meters from Sumeru Hospital,GEMS School,and Little Angels.
For more details, click here.

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Published on 16, August 2017

घरको बिरुवालाइ झरीबाट जोगाउने उपायहरु:

मनसुन मौसमको कारणले  गर्दा हाम्रो दैनिक कामहरुलाइ असर गर्न साथै हाम्रो घरमा रोपिएको बोट-बिरुवाहरुलाइ पनि हानि पुराई रहेको छ। यस्तो समस्याबाट आफ्नो घरको बिरुवाहरुलाइ जोगाउन तल देखाईएको उदाहरण आफैले अपनाई रुखो झरीबाट बचाउनुहोस्: 

१. फर्सी जस्ता बिरुवा 


२. गमलामा रोपिएको साना फुल



३. अन्य बिरुवाहरु 



 ४. कलिला बिरुवाहरु 

यी टिप्सहरु शेयर गर्न नभुल्नु होला!

Published on 14, August 2017