Air Pollution in Kathmandu Valley


Bring an oxygen cylinder with you to breathe fresh air. The issues of air pollution in Kathmandu are continuously facing a worse situation every year. This city is largely covered by dust and smoke especially during the dry season.

No one disagrees with the fact that morning walk is beneficial to people, especially those suffering from several diseases. Air pollution may lead to an increase in blood pressure, heart-related disease, breathing problems, and also other issues related to mental health.

It is most dangerous for kids, elderly people, and pregnant women. In this situation, people will blame the government and the government will blame people. Who should actually take responsibility for saving such a problem?

I don't blame only the government for this problem. Bad civilians, first of all, blame yourself. The government didn't come to throw this garbage there its Bad civilians who say "littering there is not a problem; everyone is littering there, nobody saw you littering, etc."

It is the biggest problem in Kathmandu. Firstly, too many people live in compacted areas and that garbage pick-up is not possible due to the huge amount in each of these regions, resulting in the burning of garbage in order to keep the area clean.

Another issue is the unnecessary use of motor vehicles. The use of bicycles and waking should be encouraged and rewarded with safe lanes and sky bridges instead of wider roads.

A survey showing the average distance motorist is traveling between stops may help to show the need for providing safe and pleasant bike and walking paths. Furthermore, the use of coal and wood for cooking should be banned or limited.

If it is necessary due to the lack of fuels, then proper cooking equipment should be provided to those in need, not only to reduce pollution but to prevent respiratory diseases, deforestation, and accidental burns.

According to the World Health Organization, Pollution in Kathmandu Kills nearly 10,000 people every year due to pollution-related body problems.

37,399 people are killed due to air pollution per year in Nepal. This is the high time to realize and execute plans on reducing air pollution. Let's start fighting air pollution with growing more plants for the environment as well as inside your home.

You cannot choose what you breathe everywhere, but you can choose what you.



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Published on 14, January 2020 by Sandip Adhikari