Privacy Policy

All the users visiting, browsing, or advertising through Eproperty Nepal is subjected to Eproperty Nepal Privacy Policy.


Eproperty Service Nepal can terminate, block or restrict the user access to for any reason, including, without limitation, that the company believes the users have violated or acted against these terms and conditions.


Please report any violations against these terms and conditions to Eproperty Nepal at [email protected]

Privacy Policy

All the privacy policy displayed on the website is subject to the terms and condition of the Site Policy of Eproperty Nepal. This privacy policy shall be effective from the date and time by which a user signs up or registers on by filling up the

Registration form. While doing such act users shall accept the terms and conditions given in the Site Policy.

Eproperty Nepal can take the information from its users to build a better user experience. During registration, Eproperty Nepal shall ask some information which will further help the user to make their need satisfactory. Eproperty Nepal can therefore collect, use, and share personal information to help work and keep it safe.

If needed, Eproperty Nepal can save certain information on the user's system in the form of cookies. While browsing Eproperty Nepal, user's shall have an option to accept or decline the cookies on their website.

Eproperty Nepal shall not provide user information to the third party. Else if there is a need to share the information with the third party, then the company shall ask the consent of its user.

All the information on the website will remain safe and shall be public only after the consent of the user. Any information that is easily available outside the website shall remain so with the consent of the user.

Any user who is browsing the site does not have to disclose his/her identity in any compulsive way, while they have to share their information only during the time of registration.

It’s not mandatory to provide the information, while the option to provide the information solely depends upon the user. Users are solely responsible for all the information they share with Eproperty Nepal which includes User password and user identification and all activities and transmission performed by the User through the user identification.

Users will be solely responsible for approving any online or offline transaction which involves credit cards or debit cards or any other form of payment, or any documents that involve the user and Eproperty Nepal.

Eproperty Nepal will not be responsible for the damage of the credit cards/debit cards of the users or any other improper use of data by the user either online or offline.

Users shall agree that all their personal information is used by Eproperty Nepal for the further development of the website. Regarding such intake of the data, Eproperty Nepal can also target user interest and show the banner advertisements, administrative notices, product offerings, and communications relevant to your use of the Site. By accepting our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy you agree to receive this information. The privacy policy of Eproperty Nepal fully agrees with the law of Nepal.