Last week, we set a record of selling a restaurant within only 3 days of listing. But on the other side of the spectrum, there are numerous listings which struggle to attract any potential buyers. If you have been facing similar problems with your property you're surely feeling frustrated. These points will help you on this regard:


1. Location
Real estate is more valuable in locations that are considered 'prime'. Is you land or house in a location that justifies the price that you have set?
Ask around the neighborhood which are similar to your property and what price range they fall in.

2. Presentation
This includes how well you have organized every component in your house. You might have more land to offer than most sellers but if it looks like the new buyer will have to invest in organizing everything from scratch, they start look elsewhere. Even a small effort such as removing the huge tree that is slightly blocking your garage might instantly make your house attractive.

3. Price
Price is hands down the most influential factor which determines how fast your property will sell in the market. As we dicussed in point 1, set a price that justifies your property's worth. Many frustrated sellers make the mistake of exponentially reducing their offer price and it results in buyers regarding your listing as worthless.

4. Take Suggestions
Ask the previous customers who disregarded your property what the main factor was that made them pull away their offer. They are the best source of knowing what your drawbacks are. After taking their advice, implement it by either reparing, repainting or organizing your property differently.

If you have a property which has been facing similar problems, please feel free to contact us at 01-4107251 / 9851204778.

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Published on 02, July 2017 by Nishant Acharya