Man and the Money


No sooner I was asked to guess the word from the letter, “m” I replied, “money”. It was a minor conversation between me and my friend. A few days later, when I was writing, as usual, this thing struck my mind, I wondered why didn’t I say other words that could be “ man”, “mango”, “monkey”, “military”, “milk” or any other than money.

So I decided to write on this topic.

Who Made the Money?

I asked myself and replied, man to myself. Oh gosh! What power! Man has made the money and sees man, himself is the slave of money, today! The whole world is running behind this piece of paper, money.

What poor, what rich, man or woman, old or young, you or me, we all are in rush, we are selling our time only for money without caring day or night, sun or rain, hail or storm, sizzling cold or tempting hot we are flooding through the busy roads every single day to earn money.

You may say, you are running to serve the people or not just for money but one question for you, would you serve the people the whole day without expecting a certain amount of wage? Of course not because all you need is money either to cover your body or fill up the empty stomach or even to help the people, the kind words cannot fill up your stomach can it?

One Interesting Story for You

I just remembered, let me share it with you. Once, the daughter of a king, the princess tried to elope with their servant whom she promised to spend her whole life with. However, the king got to know about it and called both of them to the palace and inquire about them. Both of them confessed to living together.

The wise king agreed on a condition that they both should live together in the palace without any luxuries for 15 days and see if they really want to live together after or not. The proud princess boasted about her love and not to doubt it she could live without any luxury and would prove her father.

Both the princess and the servant were okay with this decision. They were kept in a room. Sharing the fire of love in lust the young love -birds felt as if they were the most blessed couple in the world at the initial days. As the days passed, they started starving their hungry stomach were not filled up with love, they needed food.

Slowly, the fire of love changed into the fire of hatred between them that rose to an extreme level that they even hated facing each other with whom they imagined the whole life to live with.

They realized that love and affection were not enough to fulfill their desires they needed money, too. They couldn’t even live together for 10 days and ended giving up on each other and went to the king and a parted forever.  Do you think, the greatest lovers Romeo and Juliet survived without money?

Well, money is nothing but hence everything at the end. Whatever, we say in the end we all need money. 

Man-made the money, moreover became the slave of it till the day, fine. Well, now it’s time to change the whole game, instead of running behind the money, make money run after you.

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Published on 14, January 2020 by Sandip Adhikari