Startup Struggle


Starting a new business is itself is a bold move and surprisingly here in Nepal, most people perceive it as an adventure so they try to avoid it. There is no one who does not have business ideas but the problem is they only talk, they never dare to take action.

Only very few take action to make their idea work and among them, many give up in the middle because of a lack of support from their family and friends.

People do not take the risk to be an entrepreneur here in Nepal. And, those who try to do something new get into the island of criticisms that demotivates them. Starting a business in Nepal is like daring to listen to criticisms from society.

It is sure that the new initiator will be criticized, he/she will have to struggle with the government for approval. Registration procedures for the business organization are very difficult and lengthy. The rules and regulations are not entrepreneurship friendly.

After all these, an entrepreneur will again have to fight with cultural values and traditions. Our culture hesitates to welcome new things and it blocks the way to do something in a new way.

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Published on 14, January 2020 by Sandip Adhikari