Why Tesla Car Is Not Available In Nepal?


Electric vehicles are environment-friendly which do not produce pollutions. Being environment-friendly and fuel cost saving, EVs are more preferred by the mass of the people. Though the initial buying cost of the EV is comparatively high, the long term benefits attract the people. Tesla specializes in manufacturing fully electric vehicle (EV).

No wonder why tesla cars are not available in Nepal, because of no middle-class people can afford it and importers/dealers do not want to risk importing the Tesla cars. There are many reasons why Tesla cars are not available in Nepal.

Some of the main reasons are as follows:

  • The image is maintained as luxury cars because it directly competes with companies like BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, etc. It might not be affordable to the middle-class people of Nepal.
  • There is still a lack of charging stations or fast-charging stations for the normal electric vehicles. There is the use of EVs but not preferred due to this reason.
  • People can get classier and good cars at the price to buy any variant of Tesla cars.
  • Due to the worst road conditions and geography, it will not provide the proper range.
  • The safety features, security features, and its highly reliable batteries used in it increase its cost.
  • Last but not least; taxes are so high that price becomes extremely expensive.

Although the price of Tesla cars is expensive, some Nepalese people can afford it if imported in Nepal because we have seen many luxury vehicles running on the roads of Nepal. The market place exists for those kinds of vehicles. Therefore, we can possibly see the Tesla cars in the near future because the trend of EV is increasing day by day.

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Published on 30, November 2020 by Sandip Adhikari