Things to Remember While Water Pipeline Distribution in House


As I have confronted the problem, here I am writing the small informative post hoping it will be helpful to you. So here are some of the problems I faced because of the single pipeline water distribution on the house. We normally have the reservoir or tanks to store water for general purpose home usage and distribute to each story of the building through a pipeline. The division of water through a single pipe creates the problem of water pressure. The water pressure at the top of the building is not enough as compared to the lower story. The water pressure of the lowest flat or story is high and when the tap of the lowest story is open, the problem of low water pressure becomes an issue. There may not be a supply of water on the top floor if water pressure is not enough on the main pipeline and the tap of the lower floor is fully opened. Sometimes the water pressure is so less that the home appliances like geyser or water heater and so on may not function.

Another problem I have encountered is, a problem when you have the damage on any tap; you have to cut off the water distribution to the whole building. Due to the problem on the single tap of any story, all the residence of the building deprives of the water supplies. The problem more arises when it takes time to fix the damage. Thus, these are the problem I personally faced due to the single line distribution supply of water at home.
The above problem can be avoided by these following ways:

  • Connect the single pipeline for each story of the building from the tank or reservoir so that each flat gets own water pressure from the tank.
  • Use the globe valve in each pipeline for controlling the water flow if in case of any problem in tap or pipes.
  • Use high-quality pipes to avoid the burst of pipelines.

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Published on 26, December 2019 by Sandip Adhikari