Why Brain Drain created a serious problem towards developing countries like Nepal!!!

Countries around the globe fight for resources and major among those resources is human capital. When talent consistently leaves the country of birth, it creates a persistent drag on the home country’s economy and blights its growth – a phenomenon recognized as brain drain.

Brain drain has created a serious problem and a huge loss towards developing countries like Nepal. Most of the skilled manpower is attracted to developed countries through better incentives, scholarships and better services and facilities.

Brain Drain

The government should make proper policies for those students who go abroad for studies like after completion of their studies they must return home to implement the skills they have learned. But if students get opportunities to serve the country, government should make provisions for them to work in that country only, as some students are doing remarkable work which has helped introduce our country in foreign shores. The government should provide opportunities for students who come back to do work that gives them job satisfaction. If such plans are taken seriously and carried out effectively, skilled manpower will not move to developed countries. 
Likewise, the government should respect the value of skilled people. If the government does not pay attention to such problems, our country may suffer from a lack of young, diligent, dynamic and knowledgeable manpower.

The best way to solve this problem is to provide practical education, providing jobs, candidates should be selected on the basis of fair competition. The government should establish more companies and utilize natural resources so that the skilled manpower can implement their skills.

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Published on 26, December 2019 by Sandip Adhikari