Your First Step into the World of Investment

You are investing in a certain property or an idea certainly means that you are looking forward to the growth of your existing property. You hustle so much, you spend years accumulating funds for investment to get more return in the future.

The big risk arises here that only the right investment gives a return as it is said that more than ninety percent of startups fail. So, if you could not make the right investment decision, you might get into debt and enter into serious financial trouble. So, the very first investment attempt must be outstandingly logical.


The first step of wise investment decision starts with selecting the right company, idea or whatever it is that has a high probability for growth in the future and also the risk factors are supposed to be less in your investment scheme. For instance; investment in real estate is considered a safe and profitable move. Similarly, investment in the stock market is commonly taken as a risky move as it fluctuates in a second.

The second step is to wisely manage your investment portfolio to minimize the risk.  Warren Buffet has said, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. This quote is so practical and meaningful to overcome the failure of one investment since your investment into the next scheme can cover-up.  So, please spread your money into various sectors that you find worth investing in.

Here comes the final deal; Do, See and Out. If you are directly involved in the day to day operations in a project that you have invested in, Do your job to make it great. If you’re just an investor, observe what is happening there and make the right suggestion.  And, if everything is not going well, try to come out with at least with your initial investment before it completely drains into the ocean.

You cannot get something from anything without putting something into that. You only grow when you invest. So, invest!

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Published on 26, November 2019 by Sandip Adhikari