Why People Prefer to Invest in Real Estate?

Investing in real estate

A real estate is an excellent tool for investors for diversification. If you pay the right amount for the property, there's potential to get long-term returns. As a developing nation, Nepal has a great opportunity to generate income from trading, construction, and other sectors such as manufacturing, services, tourism, and others.


However, real estate is the least risk business (real estate offer reduced the risk or minimize the risk) because the real estate market differs from the market of stock. Investors have great opportunities to achieve financial gain if they choose the real estate business for long term purposes working with an experienced real estate agent as guidance or advisor.

Invest in real estate

Some of the benefits of investing in real estate are;

  1. It enhances emotional security.
  2. Easy financing.
  3. Own decision-maker.
  4. Use of Borrowing Power.
  5. Money grows, while you're on sleep.
  6. Real estate value keeps on growing. (No depreciation)
  7. Flipping properties. (You purchase it, hold it then make updates or improve it and then sell at a reasonable price)
  8. Increment on rental Income.

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Published on 24, November 2019 by Sandip Adhikari