There comes a time, people at a certain age start to weigh up, and it's the same for the house. The reasons may be different for each of them. For instance, the house may be too big for one or two people, but probably, your children have relocated or moved out, and you presently don't have the same requirement for rooms and spaces as before. It is ideal to buy a small house for people to enjoy long and happy retirement life.  As a result, downsizing is the best options left for people. However, it is a big decision to take. The question is, how do you choose the best property for you?

Downsizing has many benefits if you choose the right property for your needs. So consider some of the tips below:

1. Stick with single-level

If you are a senior downsizing, ground level homes are ideal for you. When people get older, they can avoid walking up and down.

2. Small enough to maintain and big enough to entertain

Just don't go for downsizing randomly. Think about your requirement first. People can go for the large entertaining areas, and room if you plan friends gathering or any social occasions time and again. So ideally speaking, people would love to have a three-bedroom home in a much more compact block. Excellent, if you choose the kitchen of their choice and the dining that is equally important for you. It is simple to maintain small backyard.

3. Downing your garaging

The double garage is a necessity for the majority of downsizing couples. Therefore, most downsizers strive for larger garage spaces realizing its importance. A garage provides additional storage spaces to park your cars and other things. It is also beneficial when seen from security prospects.

4. Adequate internal spaces

 Just because you are downsizing home does not mean that you need to forget a large number of your possessions. The former house amenities are equally important. So, if you are smart and lucky with your property selection, you will find a home that will accommodate most of your former house's contents. It is critical to understand whether your current furniture fit into the standard of the property. After all, you don't want to throw your main pieces of furniture.

5. Familiar location

Unless and until downsizers are looking for a dramatic change in their lifestyle, it is suitable to choose a well-known neighbourhood for downsizing. Most people have spent their entire life there, so they don't want to go too far from where they are. It also makes sense from a financial perspective. Familiarity with the location helps people to catch up with a straightforward transaction to end up with some money in their pocket.

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Published on 09, April 2018 by Sandip Adhikari