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Important tips to make your Bathroom shine and clean

Bathroom are naturally humid place. You use maximum time of your bathroom everyday, so you must be very concern on this. Your bathroom must me very clean and it makes really impact on this.

Here’s are the four major tips for cleaning and making your bathroom clean:

1. Clean the bathroom tiles with water:

The best way to clean your bathroom with plain warm water, a stiff bristled brush and little bit of elbow grease. If you have steam cleaner at hard, try steaming the grout with a pointed nozzle to further help to loosen up grime before the next few steps.

2.Clean your bathroom with baking soda:

It’s sound wired, but the natural solution to avoid filling your home with the strong fumes of chemicals. Just mix two tablespoon of baking soda with water with thick paste and scrub into the grout with bristled brush. Once all the grout been covered and mix with white vinegar and water. And repeat the process second time and apply on it.

3. Clean your bathroom with lemon:

Now you can also clean your bathroom with lemon too, just mis together with one fourth cup of borax, one two teaspoon lemon oil and enough liquid soap to form a bathroom ties cleaner paste. You can also old toothbrush, scrub this paste into the grout with circular motions before rinsing with warm water.

4. Cleaning bathroom tiles with bleach:

You must be very clear on this matter; your bathroom is well ventilated, and the bleach will only be use on white grouting. Then, dilute bleach with water and spray across the grout. Using an old toothbrush scrub in between the tiles and rinse when finished.

So, they are the major aspects you should be very clear on this. That helps to make your bathroom clean and attractive.

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Published on 08, April 2018 by Sandip Adhikari

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