Are you thinking or planning to build a new home in Kathmandu? However, you are confused about how to get started or whom to talk. Then, here are the six best tips you can look to build a new home.

1. Hire a Real Estate Agent: This is the first and most important tip. They provide you benefits throughout the building process in the number of ways. For instance, you can get the best deals on upgrades and customization through the real estate agent.

2. Select highly reputable builder: Quality is better than quantity. So, spend your money on quality fitting. Do some research works and find the builder that has a proven track record of having satisfied customers and has excellent references. Do they have reviews on their websites, Facebook pages or anything else? Successful homebuilders have professionals like interior designers to guide you to make decisions throughout the building process. For example, they can help you to make sure that your doorways have shelter from the rain.

3. Home plan for today's lifestyle: Select an updated floor plan for your new house to avoid the smaller kitchen, formal living rooms and wasted space. It's best to design home plans as per your requirement for outdoor living space and backyard. Likewise, think about creative installation, where you can install your goods according to your preference.

4. Negotiate with Builders: Don't miss a chance to negotiate with builders on certain upgrades and custom additions. You can take help of the agent for this.

5. Consider resale potentiality: Until and unless you are planning to live in your new house forever, think about the resale potentiality when building it. Add flexibility in your layout to add a better return of investment. The most crucial factors are curb appeal, quality updated finishes, and well-maintained homes. For example, manage the cable and other electricity cables in all the way around for future renovation. Light is also the next big interior pieces you can manage the most.

6. Location: Certainly, another important factor is the location, as it determines the resale potentiality of the home. The resale potentiality also depends upon growth possibility in the future, facilities and other things. 

You must be very careful about things regards. One of the significant investment is to build a home. So, always think, refine, rework and rethink.

The more upfront design stage, the fewer changes you'll want to make during construction and the more satisfied you'll be with the outcomes.

The more precise you do the work, the more attractive and durable home you will get it. So, always be careful before you invest in such things. Think about how you want to live in your beautiful home and build it as per your requirement.

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Published on 03, April 2018 by Sandip Adhikari