Many of us have a dream of decorating home with beautiful interior and exterior customization. In the initial period, we used to talk with many interior designers, practice lots of guidelines and make an extra effort to beautify the home. However, our expectation met rarely, and we rest thinking that interior designing is not our cup of tea. 

Even for the most qualified experts, designing is not an easy process. From materials to architecture, everything matters when it comes to interior designing. Designers should reflect the owner's character through the clever use of spaces and perfect timeless design. Balancing traditional and modern realm is also crucial. Above all, the interior designer should dictate a story through design. 

Here are some tips you need to know and follow: 

1. Reflecting the story of the owner:

Good interior reflects the story of the owners. So, get the story right from the start to create an interior that is both timeless and meets the needs of the client. It's weird but dive into the client's hopes, dreams, and aspirations to come up with ingenious ideas.  

2. Customization:

Perfection requires lots of effort and determination. So, always try to get rid of the unnecessary clutter and consider the smart hiding places. It helps to customize your things very perfectly. 

3. Creating an Art:

Art is one of the fundamental reflection that you should care about while designing your interior. If you are afraid to commit a bold color, then art could be the best working to infuse. If you are thinking of putting a group of artwork, always use the space of 15cm apart to avoid chipping other frames. 

4. On decoration:

The decoration is also one of the essential traits of interior designing. Bring out your creativity, use the optimum spaces and apply exceptional features. There may be a conflict between modern and traditional flavor when designing. At this point, remember classic proportion never goes out of style, and innovative touch is invariably fresh. 

5. On updating:

It is critical to update the interior design to keep up the different looks of homes and make it younger as well. It always gives you a unique design. 

6. On Lightning:

If you are planning for lightning, you should have the purpose of understanding for each room. For example, you should install well-functioning light features in the kitchen area. Similarly, you can focus on light intensities for bedroom. 

Don't make the worst mistake to imitate others. Interior design is a personal process to make the work timeless. You can achieve a timeless interior with a unique storyline. Never go out of style by keeping the design authentic. Overall, achieving the perfect ambiance of interior designing.

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Published on 20, February 2018 by Sandip Adhikari