It is hard to find a perfect house that meets all of your requirements. But, after months of hunting, you finally got it. Unfortunately, the moment you offer the price, the deal went south. Then, you question yourself what went wrong and beat yourself up thinking about the reason for missing the perfect house that could have been yours. Catch a look at the tips below to tackle the similar kind of situations. 

1. Research the Neighbourhood: What is the price of an average house in the selected location? Do adequate research to know the demand and trend of the particular neighbourhood where you are thinking to buy the house. There are numbers of the reason the seller rejects the offer. Your offer to the house may not be pleasing to the seller. And as a result, he/she got turned off by your offer. Walk in the neighborhood to ask local people about the situation. Also, consider using up-to-date technologies and advancement.

2. Give Your Best Offer: Starting with a low offer hoping to get in a negotiating conversation rarely works. Not all people are fond of having to waste their time haggling or negotiating the price of their house with a stranger. The best you can do is be upfront with what you can offer so that you know when to walk away from the deal.

3. Stop Over-Analyzing: The seller has nothing personal against you. Over analyzing the situation is something we do unnecessarily. It will only give you an unwanted headache. So, skip your habit of doubting. Maybe the seller changed his/her mind and is uncomfortable letting the buyers know about it. Just like the saying goes, "there is plenty of fish in the sea", there are also millions of possibilities that cause this situation, and you are one of the casualty factors within the middle.

4. Keep on looking: The best house that you wanted is no longer to your reach. We deal with rejection as a part of life, don't we? But what about the resources you have with you? Learn to utilize it properly. You might not end up with a similar house you wanted. However, you will save your resources somewhere else, maybe something even better. Remember, the right time and the right decision is the formula for success.

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Published on 23, August 2017 by Nishant Acharya