Whether its a mobile phone, a car or even a computer software – an update adds value to its existing features.

So, if you’re wondering about ways to increase your home’s value in the market, you need to invest in upgrading existing items, be it the sink, the furniture or the walls. Doing so will convince the buyer that they’re getting something more than just a block of concrete that serves some purpose.

Here are some ways of increasing your home’s value:


1. Bathroom Upgrades:

The best thing about upgrading a bathroom is that it needs comparatively less investment since the area is much smaller than any other room in the house. Upgrading your bathroom can be done by doing something as simple as adding a towel hanger on the wall. If you have some funds you can spare, then you can upgrade the sink, the toilet, and even the cabinet.


2. Kitchen Renovation:

Most of our kitchens have an oily residue on top of every fixed item or utensil because we use an excessive amount of oil in our food while cooking. A potential buyer might change his/her mind if he/she sees a messy kitchen even though the house is extraordinary. So, it is worth hiring an expert to effectively re-design and re-clean everything. A few barstools or an island might do the trick.


3. Painting:

With the amount of DIY paints that are available in the market, you can even paint a few rooms all by yourself. Painting a room can make it look brand new with the existing furniture. It also makes your house look cleaner and neatly organized when done right!


4. Lighting:

Are you using the best bulbs that properly illuminate your house? Even though bulbs only cost a few hundred rupees, it can generate a tremendous difference at night. So, upgrade to the suitable bulbs. Good lighting also plays the trick in our eyes. It helps to look the room bigger than it is in actual.


5. Garden:

Imagine stepping into someone’s house that has a large compound with zero greenery. As appalling as it sounds, we rarely value that house. Again, imagine stepping into someone's house that has ample greenery. Garden is a crucial part of this hectic life schedule. Hence, maintaining a well-organized garden would help you to stay healthy, and is also beneficial when you want to sell the house.

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Published on 07, August 2017 by Nishant Acharya