Not all of us have the budget to hire a packers-and-movers company while moving home. However, anyone with a basic idea about how to keep items safe while moving can complete the task with a little help. Here are some essentials that you need if you're planning to do move yourself:

1. Boxes

You will need both heavy-duty boxes as well as normal carton boxes while moving. The heavy duty boxes are required to hold fragile items such as artwork and mirrors. You can use regular boxes to hold items such as books which are durable themselves and don’t need extra protection.

2. Tape

Tape might seem like a small investment but when it comes to actually taping everything together, you will be overwhelmed at the amount that is required to strongly tape everything together. Don’t skimp on this expense – you will be sacrificing the safety of your belongings by doing so.

3. Bubble Wraps

These come in handy when you’re full of stress as well as a way of adding extra safety to your belongings. Using bubble wraps as a cushion is common sense at this day and age and you should invest in a large amount of it without exception.

4. Cushioning Material

From towels to blankets, anything that can absorb the shock coming from the pick-up truck will come in very handy while moving. Make sure you’re using thick blankets and towels to avoid scratches in electric devices like chargers, or shaving razor.

5. Knives

You might not need knives while packing but they will make unpacking a whole lot easier after you’ve moved to your new house. The same highly durable tapes that you used for packing will now require utility knives to open safely.

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Published on 06, July 2017 by Nishant Acharya