It doesn't matter if you house looks like a mansion in pictures on the internet. The buyer will want to visit the house and check it for him/herself. It is the crucial part of selling real estate which will determine whether or not the buyer will be convinced about investing in your house. As the saying goes, 'a well-planned battle is half the battle won’, we gathered some tips to make you prepared to face the potential buyer with ease.

1. Don't Do a Walk-Through on the Day of Closing

There might be numerous small repairs that you have no idea of when doing a walk-through right after the previous tenants leave. What’s worse than showing around a house that needs fixing is having the look that you had no idea the problems were there in the first place. Take a few days to go through all of the things that need fixing and when you’re ready, set a date with the potential buyer(s).

2. Use Your Phone to Check Outlets

There are only a handful of people who can confidently say that all of their electric outlets work perfectly. It can be annoying for the buyer to realize that one of the outlets which is in the most convenient place is not working. So, repair it beforehand and save yourself the trouble of having to explain why a particular outlet is not working.

3. Check for Leftover Belongings

There can be anything from sensitive documents to personal belongings which were leftover by the previous tenant. Such items are best to be acquired before selling your house. Do a thorough clean up before letting the new homeowners in.

4. Organize to Make Rooms Look Spacious

Do not entirely strip furniture from the rooms as a square box of concrete is not appealing to look at. The potential buyer must be able to visualize comfort while entering the rooms of your house. You can remove them later. However, make sure that you organize everything in a way that the room does not look clustered.


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Published on 14, June 2017 by Nishant Acharya