Letting go of the home that you have spent half of your life in can be stressful alone but what many people overlook is the uncomfortable feeling that comes with moving in a new house. The small habits that you have formed, such as enjoying the view from the roof or dropping the keys on a table as soon as you step into the living room and so forth will feel entirely different but to make this whole transition easier, we have gathered some tips:

1. Organize the Closet

Having to search for a t-shirt when you're already stressed can be frustrating. Start by organizing the clothes in your closet as close to the state they were in your former home.


2. Store Important Documents

It is crucial to store all of your important documents like citizenship, passport and any other legal documents. Set a specific secure vault or drawer for this purpose and get it done with even if you still have a lot of organizing to do with furniture. With the chaos of moving in a new house, losing important documents is not something you'd want to do.


3. Repair

Is a nail sticking out of the kid's room cabinet? Fit it with a hammer. Whether it is a sink or some table that isn't in its right state, repair it as soon as you can to avoid any accidents while moving things around the house.


4. Recreate Familiarities

Sounds and vision make their way into our sub-consciousness without us noticing. It is important to recreate such aspects of the old house to take you into that comfort zone. Maybe it is the chiming of the alarm clock every hour or the radio that you keep on all the time. Such things help you get at ease in a new environment. This also includes having a bed that feels the same as the one you were used to.


5. Get Along with the Neighbours

Some places are friendlier than others. Walking your dog in the morning makes for a great conversation starter. Or if you do not have any pets, start by smiling at your neighbours from your veranda each time you see them to seem friendly.


Have you had any trouble settling in a new house? Let us know your experience in the comments!

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Published on 09, June 2017 by Nishant Acharya