From utensils to kitchen accessories, each year things start to pile up in the beloved kitchen. And we have to face the inevitable thought of having to renovate the entire kitchen to systematically organize everything.

Here are some things to remember before renovating the kitchen:

1. Number of People Who Use the Kitchen
Maybe when you built the house, you were the only person who was responsible for every aspect of the kitchen. Are there more people to help you around now? If space is your priority, try to avoid filling the room with unnecessary things such as decorations. When space is concerned, it's always function before feature.

2. How Often Do You Use the Kitchen?
If you're a passionate cook and love spending your time in the kitchen, you will obviously need to invest in a professional standard. Figure out the layout you want in the way you're most comfortable.

3. Is Dining a Part of the Kitchen?
In most houses in Nepal, we still share the kitchen and the dining room. If renovating in the first place was an issue that started with not enough space of dining, then you might have to compromise a lot of space from the kitchen. Like most things in life, you need to make sacrifices to serve a greater purpose.

4. Frequently Used Items
What is the most vital tool or accessory that you cannot pass a single day without? Make a list and filter the less important items and make a decision to invest in the must haves of the kitchen.

5. Is the Layout Efficient?
Have you used every bit of space in the kitchen? Can you free up some space for a gas cylinder just by organizing some of the stuff that's taking unnecessary space? A great way of utilizing unused space in the wall is by building a wall drawer.

Aside from these questions, another important tip to remember is the color that you will be using in the kitchen. Does it go well with the rest of the house? Also, by using lighter shades of color, you can make it look like the room is bigger than it really is.
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Published on 08, June 2017 by Nishant Acharya