Acquiring new skills to avoid paying someone to do it for you is a wise thing to do. It saves time, money and most importantly, you're no longer dependent on someone to solve a small problem that needs fixing. But what if the problem is too complex and needs professional experience? Watching YouTube videos a hundred times over will not convert you into a pro overnight. Sometimes, it is wise to sit back and let the pros do their work.

Let's go through some of the problems that require experts:

1. Roofing

After years of enduring the heat of the sun and countless change of seasons, concrete like anything else wears down and might start acting up. A small crack can be fixed with waterproofing liquid but if the cracks are long and uneven, it is better to hire a professional. No matter how educated we are, we will never have the first-hand experience that pros have after years of working with rods and concrete.

2. Plumbing

Sure, you can fix the pipe that's been leaking by simply buying a new one and screwing it on place. But if the problem is hiding behind the wall, you cannot fathom the complex network of pipes and electric wires that reside in the wall. A common mistake most homeowners make is trying to solve something as fast as they can and even make it look like the problem has been fixed. But the thing with plumbing is that a small leak can result in damaging the whole wall after a couple of months.

3. High Voltage Cables

This one speaks for itself. It's either risk getting electrocuted by 220 volts of excruciating current or just let someone who knows what they're doing fix it in a couple of hours. You might have some electrical background in school but when it comes to getting your hands dirty, it's a completely different experience. Be smart and avoid getting electrocuted.

4. Sewage

Most houses in Nepal still have septic tanks and many a times something as insignificant as a small plastic can jam the whole system and block the toilet from flushing properly. There are many experts who have been fixing sewage problems for over a decade. Save yourself from getting your hands dirty and let the experts do their magic.

5. Anything You Have No Experience In

While there are some people who know everything from fixing a car to building walls themselves, there are a fair share of some who have no experience fixing the smallest problems in their house. And it is nothing to be ashamed of. Fixing problems around the house is a skill and takes a lot of experience. But that does not mean you can go around experimenting on your house. Learn from professionals as they're fixing something for you and gradually build up your skill to the point you're confident to solve the generic problems yourself.

Have you had any difficulty trying to fix a problem in your house? Let us know in the comments!

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Published on 02, June 2017 by Nishant Acharya