Packing a couple of clothes for a short vacation takes some people hours if not days of planning. But what if a turn of events lead you to move from your house to another? As overwhelming as that sounds, we have a few tips to help you pass the whole phenomenon of moving house with ease.

1. Say Goodbye to Unused Things
We all have things stacked up in our cupboards and garages that have been there for eternity. You can start by getting rid of everything that is unnecessary. Take this opportunity to filter the things that you require and get free from the clutches of obsolete things. In the case of old clothes, you can donate them and shoot two birds with one stone.

2. Sort by Category
After you've gotten rid of the clutter which would have made it a lot harder for you to start packing, start sorting things by category. Keep clothes in one box, keep books in another, valuable in another and so on. Sorting things by category keeps you focused of one particular thing before moving on to the next.

3. Get Moving Boxes
Rather than buying cardboard boxes, try visiting the local corner store and ask them for boxes of noodles, liquor, biscuits, etc. If you have the original box for certain items like television and home theatre speakers, use them to pack effortlessly. Use small boxes for heavier stuff such as books and use heaver boxes for light things like towels and pillows.

4. Label Boxes
Labelling each box right after packing them categorically makes it easier for you to unpack after you're moved to your new house. An even better way of doing this is by numbering boxes in a specific order. Write which numbered box includes what in a notebook to access it directly in case of emergency.

5. Use Bubble Wraps for Fragile Items
Packing fragile items like paintings, a glass vases and musical instruments should obviously done with care. Don't skimp on tape and bubble wraps while wrapping fragile items, especially if they hold a sentimental value to you or any member in the family. In case of plates, make sure to pack them vertically to avoid any of them breaking.

6. Plan Ahead
The best thing you can do, as with anything is to plan ahead of the date you're due to move. Set a specific time for bathroom items, a specific time for furniture and so forth. Make a list of to-do things and carefully complete each item then move on to the next. As the saying goes, a good plan is half the battle won.

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Published on 01, June 2017 by Nishant Acharya