Let’s face it, we're all guilty of ordering a good-looking product from a Facebook page hoping our investment was worth its quality. No matter how much people complain about how unreliable and misleading a picture on the internet is, they will still keep ordering online as long as the product seems to fill some void in their life.

We’ll narrow down some points to help you become a better online seller:

1. Take GREAT Pictures

The most fundamental aspect of online selling is the quality of a product’s picture. Take some examples of Goldstar shoes pictures in HD with white background. And the moment you see the price of below Rs. 500, you instantly feel like it would be worth buying even if it lasts for a month (which Goldstar shoes greatly exceed).

2. A Clear Description

The buyer’s sold on your product and now wants to know its features. Have you included everything that a potential buyer might want to know about it? And most importantly, provide a contact number so that they can call you to have their queries answered.

3. Set a Competitive Price

This point keeps recurring in most of our posts because it’s relevant. A majority of retailers and store owners have switched to Facebook marketing and each of them know what the market price is. Especially if it’s the same brand and model that the other competitors are selling. This does not necessarily mean you have to go below their price but try not to fluctuate the price too much for the sake of sales.

4. Provide Home Delivery

Almost every online store now provides home delivery inside ring road, which is already included in the price that they disclose while advertising. People who check their phones to shop are usually the ones who can’t be bothered to go outside physically and spend hours of time in crowded stores anyway.

5. Give Discount

We’ve mentioned this in a previous post about how Nepalese LOVE bargaining over the seller’s initial price. The discount be as little as Rs. 50. You can use strikethrough texts in the picture itself. Or a simple “15% OFF” tag as an addition can also do the job just fine. Take this example: Bluetooth Speaker Stock Clearance Sales R̶s̶ 1̶0̶0̶0̶0̶ Rs 7,500.

6. Sell Popular/Trendy Goods

A good example of this would be Fidget Spinners. We see different stores' sponsored ad each day but they sell the same thing--a Fidget Spinner, because it’s cool to have one these days apparently. Asaar is right around the corner. If you sell raincoats, make sure you have the one which is popular in any way.

7. Deliver on Time

There is nothing worse than getting excited right after ordering something online and having to wait for a whole week for it to get delivered. Try to be very responsive to orders and messages that you get from customers. A fast delivery might even get you that 5 star review.


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Published on 24, May 2017 by Nishant Acharya