At any point in time, there are hundreds of alternatives to your product on the internet. A used vehicle is no exception. If you're worried about having to compensate your price just because there are better-used cars in comparison, read this article first.

We present you some tips to remember before selling your vehicle:

1. Take Good Photos

This means washing your motorbike or car to the details. A dirty car with the dust settled on its body can be used as an argument to depreciate your car's value. Whereas a good looking picture can help you maintain a strong price point. Make sure to clean both interiors and exteriors from all angels. Use wax to shine shiny parts like the engine and tire rims.


2. Set a Competitive Price

Start by checking out how much other sellers are offering on the same model of your vehicle. Compare kilometers drove, lot no., condition, and so forth from a website that specializes in selling used vehicles.

However, make sure to set a price slightly higher than your offering price. Nepalese by nature love the bargaining price no matter how small. Let's say you're selling a used Maruti Alto for Rs. 10,00,000. Set Rs. 9,99,975 instead as you'll eventually have to bargain the same amount anyway but at first sight, it looks like a better deal.


3. Invest in Repairs

A good trick to make your car seem new is by buying new floor mats. Get rid of scratched and dents if possible. If your vehicle needs a rather huge sum for repairing a certain part, leave it to the buyer by letting them know why your selling price is set low and how they need to invest in a particular repair.

Brief them about each and every part's condition so that they know what they're paying for. This helps to avoid unnecessary conflict after you've sold it.


4. Answer to Queries Promptly

When a potential buyer sees your ad online, he/she usually only call if they're actually considering to buy it. Try to be available for each call that you receive regarding your vehicle. If you're busy due to any reason, make sure to call them back and only bargain on the price after you've met them in person if possible.

The thing about serious buyers is that they prefer to check the vehicle in person rather than haggle about the price over the phone.


5. Highlight Special Features

If you've done any notable modifications to your motorbike/car, make sure to highlight it by writing briefly about the feature. Full options cars have features like Bluetooth, touch screen interface, airbags, and so forth. Some buyers solely look for a particular feature which might just be enough for them to buy your car.

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Published on 22, May 2017 by Nishant Acharya