There are a handful websites in Nepal which allow you to list your property online via their website and/or Facebook page. As opposed to a huge margin of commission that brokers charge home/land owners, online advertisement has allowed buyers and sellers of real esate to easily connect with each other and dicuss about the details face-to-face.
However, there are certain things that must be taken into account if you're about to list your property online. 

1. Choose a Reliable Website
As online real esate buying and selling is still in its primary phase, there are hundreds of websites and Facebook pages with little credibility which charge you the same fee that the big players are charging. Make sure to check the number of likes on their Facebook page as it ultimately means how many people your ad is going to reach. eProperty Nepal has over 1.9 lakhs like on Facebook with the most engagement. A simple visit to our page or Facebook page can easily assure any potential client that we know what we're doing. 

2. Use GREAT Pictures
First impressions are crucial when it comes to selling anything online. A potential buyer could easily be attracted to your property if he/she sees a beautiful landscape of your land with great lighting. He/she could also as easily be appalled by a blurry photo with unorganized litter everywhere. Some websites provide a professional photographer while charging extra for the photo. If you do not have a proper camera, opting for a professional might be investment-worthy. 

3. Include In-Depth Details
You've chosen a good website, have great pictures and now it's time to fill in the description box. We've had many clients who were confident enough with the 'lavish' picture of their house that they would overlook this part entirely. However lavish your house is, make sure you give enough details such as:
-Road Access
-No. of rooms and their details
-Parking Space
-Nearby parks, colleges, shopping marts, bus stops and so forth
-Distance from the main road 
-Exact location
On the plus side, you can save yourself from numerous inquiries that  arise from pointless phone calls from people who just want to know these details. 

4. A Decent Title
A simple "Beautiful Bungalow for Sale at Budhanilkantha" would be more appropriate than "URGENT SALE BIG BUNGALOW TURUNTA PASS 2 CRORES CASH". If you've included the type of house and it's location, it is sufficient to pop up after someone searches for that area. The latter example only shows how unprofessional you are and your desperation to sell your property. 

5. Be Honest
If the bathroom sink is broken, make sure to include it in the description box. Or better yet, repair it if you're not in a tight spot financially. If you think repairing it is not worth your time and money, let the buyer know what needs fixing. While you can get away with hiding small problems that your property has, honesty is appreciated universally. Don't end up as the person who has a bad reputation because of petty habits. 

Have any queries regarding online real estate problems? Let us know in the comments. 

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Published on 05, May 2017 by Nishant Acharya