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Frequently Asked Questions

About eProperty Nepal

1. What is eProperty Nepal?

ePropertyNepal is a real estate online marketplace that allows easy search, investigation of trends, buying, selling or renting properties (land, apartments/flats, houses, commercial buildings) to potential customers throughout Nepal.


2. Is ePropertyNepal registration free?

Yes, eProperty registration is absolutely free to anyone. You will need an existing email id for registration.


3. How much will I have to pay to list my property in ePropertyNepal?

We have three types of listing:


Registration Process

  1. How can I register with eProperty Nepal?

To register your account with eProperty Nepal, please follow the given instruction:

You are now registered with eProperty Nepal.


Listing a Property

  1. What information should I provide to list my house?

You will need to provide the following information for listing your house in our website:


2. What information should I provide to list my land?

You will need to provide the following information to list your land in our website:


3. I signed up and listed my property in eProperty Nepal but it is not showing up on the website. How long does it take to verify my advertisement?

Your advertisement will only show up on our website after our staff verify it. It might take a maximum of 24 hours. If your advertisement seems to lack content, our staff will give you a call asking about required information.


Buying a Property

  1. I need to buy a certain type of real estate according to my specifications. What process do I need to follow?

Please visit http://www.epropertynepal.com/posts/8-eproperty to read about the detailed process of requesting a purchase on eProperty Nepal.



  1. How can I pay eProperty Nepal if I need an extended listing?

You can pay us through Nic Asia Bank, New Baneshwor Branch (Account Name: E PROPERTY SERVICE NEPAL PVT LTD, Account Number: 4941051973752401) or via eSewa (Account No. 9849277784) or visit our office located at Ekta Marg, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu.



  1. How do I contact eProperty Nepal?

You can either contact us from our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/epropertynepal/

OR you can call us at 01-4115679/ 9851204778

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Published on 08, February 2017 by Bashanta Dahal

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