Lady's Fancy Shop for Sale at Chipledhunga, Pokhara RS. 25,00,000

Chowk , Chipledunga, Pokhara, Kaski

  • Sales Price: NRs. 25,00,000
  • Monthly Sales: NRs. 0
  • Monthly Rent: NRs. 30,000
  • Monthly Profit: NRs.0
  • Estimated Stock: NRs. 0
  • Lease Until: NRs. 2023/03/25
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A very famous and profitable fancy shop on sale in perfect location. Fully decorated Fancy in big sutter with 1 room and 1 Changing Room

Fancy shop has worth of 2.5 Lakh decoration and Rent is 30 thousand per month

Fancy Shop is running in profit since 3 years

Fancy has International brands of Lengha, Tops, Kurta, One piece and many more lady's items

Shop is just located Chipledunga Chowk

Interested people can contact me at: 9806600870

Additional Details

  • Location: Chowk¬†, Chipledunga, Pokhara, Kaski
  • Contact Number: 9806600870
  • No of employees:
  • Owner name: Owner
  • Business Posted On: 25 March 2018
  • No of views: 3319

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