Boutique and Cosmetic Shop for Sale at Chipledhunga, Pokhara RS. 27,00,000

near Bishal Bazar Gate, Kailash Market, Chipledhunga, Pokhara, Kaski

  • Sales Price: NRs. 27,00,000
  • Monthly Sales: NRs. 0
  • Monthly Rent: NRs. 40,000
  • Monthly Profit: NRs.0
  • Estimated Stock: NRs. 0
  • Lease Until: NRs. 2024/11/21
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A fully furnished Boutique and Cosmetic shop for sale at  prime location of Chipledhunga, Pokhara.


  • Boutique contains 2 - Shutters, 1 Changing room, and one small open space.
  • Boutique is Priced at 27 lakhs Nogotiable ( Including 4 Lakhs Refundable Advance Rent )
  • It is located near Bishal Bazar Gate of Kailash Market of Chipledhunga in Kaski District.
  • Well reputed with re-visiting customers.
  • Well furnished and well decorated.
  • Lenga, 1 piece gaun, Fabric, Less, Artificial jewellery and other different trending clothes are being sold in this shop.
  • 2 Showcases,1 Low-bed, 5 dummies, CCTV, Invertor and free wi-fi are available.
  • Parking: available

For more details and queries contact: 9856059969, 9819166741.

Additional Details

  • Location: near Bishal Bazar Gate, Kailash Market, Chipledhunga, Pokhara, Kaski
  • Contact Number: 9856059969, 9819166741
  • No of employees:
  • Owner name: Owner
  • Business Posted On: 21 November 2019
  • No of views: 2011

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